Monique Hollinshead


Freelance Costume Maker

Monique has created many pregnancy paddings for television, theatre and fashion photoshoots.


In Welsh National Opera's Nine Stories High the character went through several stages of pregnancy culminating in 'about to give birth' for episode 9. Epsodes can be viwed here;


Nine Stories High

Viv Windsor played by Deena Payne pregnancy in Emmerdale

Olivia Colman playing Sophie Chapman pregnancy in series 6 of Peepshow



Padding for maternity photoshoot

Mamas and Papas


Monique has had a long relationship with Mamas and Papas which includes creating visual merchandise adaptations to dress forms for their lingerie departments, paddings for catalogue photoshoots and even custiomised prams for a charity auction. Most notably the 'baby bumps' instore for expectant mothers to use to help choose a maternity wardrobe are designed by Monique.

Westfield Wall

Mel C design carrycot

Regent Street mannequin

Monique frequently works with Hybrid FX to produce paddings that need to work with a prosthetic, these include Bollywood films, a documentary about Peter Sutcliffe (view website here) and a fat padding for the trailer to Jamie olivers Return To School Dinners. (Click on picture to see trailer)



Paddings are made to be comfortable under clothes and unlike the visible prosthetic, easy to remove and re-use. Recently Monique has made sets of weighted full body padding to provide the movement of flesh under clothing.